Alice, Arrival day

The flight was totally uneventful, thanx for the pilot. The plane was about 60% filled, passengers had to be relocated to the 4 emergency exits to man them if needed.
The view from the plane is just stunning! But more like Martian than Earthly.
The 15min trip from the Airport to the town took almost an hour because we had to stop 3 times before my destination… Funny that we’ve pulled up to all driveways to drop
off the others, but my driver lady claimed she is not allowed to stop for 1minutes at the hospital main entrance – Oh no, not at the Emergency or Ambo Bay! – so she dropped me off 100 meters away on the other side of the road… I just loved it: the two suitcases already beaten – the Flying Kangaroo’s – Qantas baggage handlers did a stunningly swell job! – and I had to drag them on the street on the “Alice Standard” walkway, on their small airport-carpet-design wheels… Wasn’t a pretty sight or experience…

As I walked across the hospital yard – pretty big – trying to find the Nurses Quarter because there is not a single signage telling me where I am, two young lads were walking towards me, I grabbed the opportunity to orientate myself. I’ve learned, I am standing right front of my building, one of them OPENED THE DOOR FOR ME! (Either very polite, or I am started to look so old even a new age meterosexual male feel obliged to support me….LOL!) But he informs me too, that across the yard behind the buildings is the pool and a party is on, please feel invited!
Wow! That’s a nice introduction.
So I’ve dragged my luggage into a hallway which gave you no name but room numbers only. Having not knowing the system, you don’t know if your number is not there: is it because it is not here or is it because different place/building – this hallway is actually the common hallway for three different buildings… And off course the corridors are empty! And guess what? I know now – the main hallway is the body of the butterfly, but the stairwells are in the far tips of the wings!
So dragged my pile to the room, dropped the luggage, lock the door and off I went for a discovery. It would be nasty to claim: it is unlivable. I think it rather superb, and score about 3.5-4 Stars of of 5. In relation to the geographic location, this may be 5.

I’ve spent my day with unpacking, and set up my Communication Center… Works perfectly.
It was like 2pm when I realized, I had nothing to eat or drink since the planeand I didn’t even had a coffee because I don’t have milk…
Let’s find a guide who can guide me to SHOPPING CENTER. Now I know where Woollies is.  About a km away in a strait line. Spent about an hour in it trying to find things. Not even Woollies are the same nowadays… I’ve spent about $80 for basics: milk (long life – 1L cartoons) yoghurt, gluten free bread, butter, bacon, cheese, cooking oil, laundry liquids, eggs (eggs: $6 for a dozen in A/S!) wine (the beer cost pittance, but the wine is $10.99 for the cheapest!) I’ve dragged all these home, I need new shirts, my arms are 50cm longer… Than I’ve got home and realized that I forgot my water! I had a Britta filter in my hand in the first woollies-visit, but NOT ONE PERSON was able to tell me if there any fluoride is in the water, but they told me that the calcium level is so high, it is unhealthy. Bravo. The fluoride can not be taken out with the Britta, but the calcium is the dream of the Britta makers, because only the sludge water would clog the filter faster than the calcium… BTW. I wouldn’t want to be a dishwasher in Alice… So, I had to go back for the 10L water, the pegs, the basket… 
When I’ve got back, my arm already scraped on the pavement, and I was clinically dehydrated… Coffee, coffee, coffee before chatty chatty chatty…

I’ve started to mingle with the new arrivals to the kitchen. Kiwi-kiwi-Irish-Perth-Kiwi-Adelaide config… It was a very interesting discussion.

Then – it was about 5.30 when I’ve decided to visit the pool, I had to return to the kitchen for guidance, because by now I felt like blindfolded, put into a roller coaster, kicked on the arse and spanned 15 times… I don’t know now where the pool is…
Sufficient guidance took me to the entrance, then I’ve followed the laughter and the music… The pool are was filled with the Young Ones. I was loitering around, knowing nobody – I felt like your friend invites you to a party, you turn up, he/she not… And you are the perfect stranger….

There was a pool party on Friday because the cricket, then Yesterday – Saturday – was Australia Day, tomorrow? Will be for some other reason… I wasn’t sure who manned the wards because it seemed everybody is at the pool side under 40 – except yours truly… Scottish/SriLankan/Irish/Kiwi/AUSSIE and any member of the UN… The “beach house” called Chairman Buthros-Buthros Ghali Coctail Bar (The UN Sec.Gen.)
Later I went to bed. I am definitely getting older, as I am very sensitive about bed and pillow firmness. This one was so so: I’ve only woke middle rotten, but there is no bad bed that 800mg of Ibuprofen PO. can not fix…
I will have a proper meal today, I’ll go with the over 40’s tonight at Crackers – 6pm – for a $12 steak and chips and salad and beer (red wine for me) dinner with the “walking bus”  (Local term when group of hospital staff walking like a  chain gang after dark – considering safety.)
So, here we go. Have a nice day.Image

Looks like the Nazca lines from the air


Riverbeds – filled by sand


Pool sizzler after 6pm


Buthros-Buthros Ghali Coctail Bar…


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