Years, dreams and aims

Countdown time…
Ahoy Alice Springs tomorrow.
I am excited, and I am nervous. My first and last assignment with my current Company was in a very pleasant ocean shore holiday town, Hervey Bay, Queensland. It has represented everything that I can expect from good place to live. Walking distances, relaxed people and exceptional colleagues at work. My Family let me go with a mission: make Friends. I did. My contract has finished suddenly like when the film ran out from the projector… Span couple of times but nothing more. There was Christmas Eve, packed up and drove home. I only had to drive 350 odd kilometers…
Waited long weeks, beyond expectations. Not a pleasant period when “no work, no money” is the rule. The earlier declined contract suddenly turned very attractive. So, here I am.
Suitcase packed, boarding pass is printed, all pix from the Net has been seen, all articles from the search engines been red. 3.000km on road, 3.5hours with the Flying Kangaroo from Brisbane. Stats are facts.
I have to take a briefcase full of documents although only crossing an imaginary state line while not even passport needed… Well, those servants of the Public need justification for existence.
So, will have a nice – hopefully – sleep and say goodbye to the doorway…
See you from Alice, hopefully with some pics.


One thought on “Years, dreams and aims

  1. branko

    Hi mister sims lots of fun and adventure, this is great idea to keep in touch and keep you busy to looks briliant and didn’t know you have very good writing , and sence of humor skills . I thurely enjoed reading and laughing, keep it up good luck
    Missing you your friend branko & family


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